Wet Rooms

Over the past ten years Wet Rooms have dramatically increased in popularity. Having a Wet Room installed in your home will transform your bathroom into a retreat that is both invigorating and relaxing. It will add value to your home should you decide to sell.

wet rooms

A wet room comprises of a completely waterproof, open shower space where the room and showering area blend into one, maximizing the entire space available. Aside from its aesthetically desirable attributes a wet room is safer, easier to maintain and more reliable than a conventional shower enclosure. We offer solutions to fit any space, style of home and budget.

Common questions that customers ask about wet rooms?
1. What is a Wet room?

“Wet Room” is the name given to any section of a bathroom or en suite that is waterproof, and level with the rest of your bathroom, used for showering and easily accessible.

What are the benefits of a Wet Room?

A Wet Room is an appealing luxury room that brings real value to your life. They create a very modern style of living, fresh look, are practical, attractive and easily maintained. They can fit any room space and are very flexible in overall room design.